2022 : Innovative Insights In A ‘New’ World

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The goal of Domamba from the start (February 2021), was to create a solid base and fair platform for auctions on Clubhouse. Our early realization was that this was just one part of a much bigger void. 

As we navigated our way through 2021, we saw a lot of inspiring and trending topics in real-time. Being part of a solid domaining community, it quickly became evident that there weren’t many trends missed or overlooked. Adapting to change, trends and new ways of looking at things is what opens the doors in the digital space, and 2022 promises to showcase this even more.

Upcoming NFT Drops: 10 Fascinating Projects

Upcoming NFT Drops

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are hot right now. As more and more projects launch their own NFTs, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Plus, knowing when they will drop is a challenge too! This blog post will go in-depth on the upcoming NFT drops to wrap up the final 4th quarter of […]

Unstoppable Domains: Are These Domains REALLY Unstoppable?

Decentralized domains can be controlled by only the owner, unlike traditional web domains. They are also not subject to price increases or renewal fees. Decentralized domains do not have a central authority, so they are not vulnerable to phishing scams, privacy breaches, or arbitrary take-downs. Matthew Gould CEO of Unstoppable Domains stated that data breaches […]