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Beautiful – Wedding Photography Branding

Do you want to grow and expand your photography business? With wedding photography branding, it might feel like you’re lost amongst a sea of budding photographers all trying to take your clients. Many people claim to be amateur photographers and have an Instagram account, but it is never hard to identify the real professionals in the industry. From premium domain names to using drones to assist with their photography, branding your wedding photography business will be the difference between swimming with the minoes and feasting with the sharks.

Many photographers worry that their clients won’t be able to tell the difference between a professional photographer and a weekend worker. Photographers who are truly professional are now competing with clients they had just a few years ago.

It is still a question: How can you keep up with the evolving marketplace and grow your photography business?

A good branding strategy is the best way to go. Wedding photography branding is your chance to tell your clients who and what you stand for. Your brand is more than a logo. It includes your visual design, photographic style and even themes that showcase your portfolio on WordPress.

Your brand is what people expect, regardless of whether you are a professional wedding photographer who strives to get the perfect shot on their special day or a corporate photographer who helps businesses establish their image within a specific industry.

Most people think of branding when they hear it. They immediately think of Pantone color numbers, fonts and logos. It takes more than just a great image to make memorable wedding photography branding. You will need to answer several crucial questions about your company before you make your mark in the industry.

  • What you do – what types of photography services are you offering
  • Who do you do it for? What is your ideal client?
  • What’s your purpose or mission?
  • What is it that you do differently? What sets you apart from other photographers in your area?

Even if you are a solo-preneur with a camera, it is a good idea to know everything about your company before you open your doors. Design can be used to bring your company’s heart to life once you have a better understanding of what drives it.

Although wedding photography branding is just one aspect of your overall identity it is a critical component of any photography business. Photography businesses spend less time creating thoughtful content and more time displaying their talents through beautiful imagery. Your customers will expect everything you do online to reflect your brand. Everything, from the design of your website to the filters that you use on Instagram.

Your company’s image will be determined by the design elements that you use on your WordPress website, including portfolios and themes. This means that if your design is perfect, your wedding photography branding will be as well.

Let’s take a look at some design elements that you can use when creating a photography brand that customers will remember. These are:

  • Brand typography
  • Color palette
  • Images/Photography styles
  • Logo

You might not spend much time thinking about typography as a photographer. Your focus should be on visuals and not text. There are many places where text could still be seen in your wedding photography branding. Your WordPress theme’s font can communicate a personality that will make you more appealing to your customers.

For example, the font used on the Weston photography theme is a sans serif type. This indicates a relaxed, modern company.

You have four options for fonts when creating your brand image:

  • Serif fonts are Garamond or Times New Roman, which are examples of serif fonts. This is the type of typography with no feet or anchors around each letter. These classic styles are perfect for traditional photographers or those who work primarily with corporate clients. These styles make you appear trustworthy and professional, and add strength to your wedding photography branding.
  • Sans serif fonts are Helvetica and the Weston theme font are two examples of sans serif fonts. These fonts have clean edges that convey a modern, sleek feel. These fonts are perfect for brands that are less formal.
  • Script typography is similar to cursive handwriting. These fonts can give your brand a luxurious or feminine feel, which is great for custom photographers or those who do a lot of wedding and engagement photos.
  • Display fonts: Finally display fonts are in their own league. These fonts are more artistic and hand-drawn than the Coca-Cola font. A display font is a great way to make a lasting impression on your clients and define your wedding photography branding.

Your brand’s typography can speak volumes about you, so choose carefully.

wedding photography branding
wedding photography branding

Getting the right shot can often define your wedding photography branding. This is why drone photography is elevating and differentiatiating photographers across the nation. Drone photography can capture shots never seen before, and provide videos edits that make for truly elite content. Utilizing drone photography at weddings can be the difference between one potential lead and 10, and will truly be nothing like anyone has experienced before. While drones can appear to be a large upfront cost, the business they can generate due to the incredible moments they capture is well worth the investment, especially when you can get drones for low four figures, easily justifying it for your wedding photography branding.

You can also make your mark by choosing the right colors to represent your wedding photography branding. This should be the same color selection for your website, marketing media, and everything else, from your business cards to your signature at the bottom your emails, that you use.

Most photographers are familiar with the importance of color. You may not be aware that certain colors can have psychological ties with your clients. If your theme is mostly in bright yellow like the Aoki template , it will give customers an impression of a friendly, bright wedding photography branding.

Gender, culture, and geographic background all can impact the shades that are best for your business. These are some golden rules to keep in mind.

  • Red is associated with passion, excitement and energy. This color might be a good choice for websites that focus on romantic photography. If you don’t want your customers to be scared, it should be used sparingly.
  • If you want your brand’s personality to be energetic and playful, orange is another great color. It’s also more child-friendly that red, making it an excellent choice for photographers who work with families.
  • Green is a versatile color that can be used for branding purposes. It’s best to use it for photographers who are skilled in taking photos with nature.
  • Blue is another appealing color for your brand building strategy. Blue can make your company more reliable and stable. Blue is a great choice if you want to appeal to a broad range of clients.
  • Photographers who wish to convey royalty and luxury should choose purple. It could be the perfect color for a bespoke business that only works with a few clients.
  • Both black and white have become increasingly popular as logo designs, websites, and themes for photography. These colors are modern, simple, and sleek. This is what a lot of photographers today want.

You’ll be a good photographer and know how a subtle contrast or filter can transform a photo into a completely new one. You will need to choose the type of images you like best in order to build a brand around your image. While you can offer many styles, clients today are searching for photographers who specialize in one type of shot.

Even if your work doesn’t include many filters, the right plugin for your WordPress gallery can make your brand stand out. Envira Gallery, for example, can help you improve your portfolio by adding a sepia tone that helps to reflect your brand’s traditional personality. This is a great way to appeal to rustic wedding photographers.

Make sure your logo is:

  • Visually appealing: Your logo must be clear, simple, and understandable. Classic beauty can go a long distance.
  • It should be connected to your brand personality. Your logo should clearly communicate who and what you value in a photographer.
  • Unique: Although you may get some inspiration from your competition, you should design a logo that is unique.

These are the four ways you can make your mark in the industry and establish your wedding photography branding. You should follow all the steps. This will help you create a unique image that resonates with clients and distinguishes you from your competition. Your photography business is unique because of your logo, style, typography and colors, and most of all, domain name.

Wedding Photography Branding

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