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Domains Sold: Our Uncategorized Listing of All Names Sold

Here you will find below a sample of domains sold, their respective prices, and the date sold. They are all sortable by column. Use this data to help you in any way it might. We decided to post this data as more and more of our valued members began requesting it.
*Note: these names are ones sold on the version 2 of the platform, names sold up until v2 (approx 1 month) are NOT included.

domains sold
SOLD… At Domamba Auctions

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Current and Updated List of Domain Names Sold at the Domamba Auctions (All Categories)

 Date Created Domain
October 1,
September 21,
June 29,
August 1,
August 1, +
October 12, 2021TAMOCA.COM
June 18,
August 13,
September 17,
August 8,
September 10,
September 24,
October 10,
October 19,
June 18,
November 28,
July 11,
September 21,
July 30, +
August 5, 2021TNKX.COM
June 18,
November 12,
September 14,
July 25,
September 12,
July 30, + +
November 9,
August 10,
September 14,
October 8,
November 2,
September 7,
July 30,
October 24,
September 7,
July 13,
July 27,
June 24,
July 22,
 Date Created Domain

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