Domamba: Domain Submit Histories

Here you will find a history of your submitted domains, along with their status’ after they have ran in our LIVE auction.

Please note. The new column on the FAR right is a RUNNING total of your fees due on domains sold in our LIVE auction. The formula that we have applied (fairest way) was the best way to take some of the fees that we have been eating. It is simply a share of the % of Stripe and or Paypal, of just the COMMISSION. The equation is as follows:
({PriceOfDomainSold}*.10 + .3)/ (1-.029)

This will help us big on the backend, and is a very negligible number for end users. Please reach out if you have an issue with this new implementation that we have had live for some time, but have yet to implement.

If you would LIKE to clear fees due on multiple domains at the same time, the LAST column has a running total at the bottom. For now, we do NOT have a direct to checkout link for that, but we are looking to implement it.

For now, please simply send payment via paypal (to: [email protected]) and send the names you are paying the fees on in the NOTES of the transaction so we can update the entries!

Thank you!

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