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To participate in our live auctions it is imperative to:

  • Singup @
  • Authenticate or reply by clicking the link that gets emailed to you (usually takes just a few minutes, and if longer check your spam box in case it got tagged or filtered by your mail provider) We have taken extra steps to avoid spam, but it can happen as all providers differ on how they handle automated emails.
  • You are assigned a bidding ID when you successfully singup. This will be repeated in the FOOTER of all pages in case you forget it, but you will NEED this if you want to bid on names during the live auction. This will keep anonymity higher as well as will offer you a chance to be matched up with the seller right after the name you have bid on is won or gone to "discuss offline".
  • If you are actively bidding on a domain, we would like you to PREFACE your bid with your bidding number. ie: "#122 (one two two) 50 dollars. This will keep things organized far better and will keep the audience far more engaged.
  • If the domain name being bid on does NOT hit reserve, we offer the seller of the domain in question, the opportunity to accept the last bid. If he or she accepts that bid, then the auctioned name is considered won for that amount. If the seller does NOT respond, we will leave the BIDDER email and the offer made in the sellers INBOX, whereby they are able to reach back out to negotiate a sale off-site.
  • We do NOT allow any cross-talking or teaming  up when names are live OR during our brief recesses in auction. For the most part we would ask, that unless you are bidding and active in a domain name, please keep your mic muted! We are trying to get through as many names as possible to allow all submitters a chance to sell, and buyers to buy. Any support issues going on DURING auction should be sent to [email protected] and will be responded to as fast as possible. 
  • When you purchase a domain, we respect the privacy of sellers, and buyers. We will NOT share the name of the domain seller, and some won't be required to unless they choose to take an offer if the bidding does NOT reach the seller's reserve. If the seller wants to offer a counter they may as well and in this case the sellers identity would be revealed to the room should they choose to engage in countering offers.

Our goal is to merge buyer and seller in short order, please allow us a bit of time as we are going to be updating the outcomes of each Domain sale in the backend. This will allow you to view buyer and seller info in the dashboard, under SUBMITTED DOMAINS for the seller and under PURCHASED DOMAINS for the buyer. The amount of information we will share is just email at this point. We will consider adding more information if we get feedback from users, but for now we feel that email is the best way to handle post domain auction sales. We cannot assume any responsibility to mediate post auction dealings, but reach out if you need a hand and we will do our best to ensure a smooth transaction for both sellers and buyers.

Bidding ID #: 0

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We thank you for your support and we will strive to keep your auction experience a good one!