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We appreciate the feedback and patience while we work out the kinks in a platform that we have created from ideas and many talks that have led to some pretty late nights. Click the date(s) below to open the itemized  suggestions and bugs we have addressed!

Please scroll down or click here and submit! We value your feedback.

We have rolled out our beta version of a commission for sellers, style format. This will help improve the overall quality of the end-user experience, allot us budgeting income for site development, advertising, and server expenses.

Here is a brief rundown on how this will work.

  • As a seller, if your domain DOES in fact sell, you will be updated from inside the Submitted Domains link (From the MAIN menu)
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  • A status of SOLD will LINK to another page, where you can find the details of the Buyer Email, price, and link to make your 10% payment!
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  • Then, you simply have to click the CLICK HERE NOW and the cost of commission is listed just above it in RED
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If you have ANY problems with the payment link, or with completing the transaction within 1-3 days, please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “Auction Domain” In the headline (that is important, so we can filter this and address it asap)

We are going to be less tolerant for people who do NOT complete sales and who do NOT honor their live bids, and each case will bring about challenges for us so we would really like to see everyone carry through on their agreements made at Domamaba. Remember, your word is all you have online, it’s your reputation, business and future!

We have began to roll out some very useful features that have been requested along the way (thanks for the patience)

  • Buyer and seller linkup has been mapped and is functional. Sellers of domains will be notified in their “Submitted Domains” Link. Buyers will get email information for sellers VIA email upon confirmation of  domain sale (will be sent during or shortly after auction – within 20 mins or less)
  • We have added some basic guidelines (not a fan of the word rules), but we felt it was right to have buyers use unique BID Numbers. We did this for a few reasons. a) To eliminate the conventional method most rooms are using, and active bidders just calling themselves out by first name. That can get tricky as more and more enter auctions. A number will eliminate this confusion, and we decided to map this on our “linking” buyers to sellers, as opposed to Names, Emails or other personal information.
  • Added sidebar to most pages and updated auction views as we will be including more dynamic content BEFORE and DURING live auctions.
  • We have our LIVE Domain Name list going public a minimum of 60 Minutes before all auctions.
Added new section under users Domain History – This will reflect the BUYERS email address in private to JUST the seller, WHEN a sale is made. (SOLD Status will link to a more detailed page with extra info) *you must be logged in to acecess this info
Added registration separate from domain submit to close off a security hole
Added functionality of CAPITAL to the domains entered and DISPLAYED to limit the possibility of errors on submit etc.
Added Submitted domain history – This will allow you to view domains you have previously submitted, the date they were submitted, and their associated approval status.
Added “other” registrar to the menu for submitting domains

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