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Marijuana Domains

marijuana domains
Marijuana Names Are Big Biz!

The cannabis laws across several states in America are changing quickly and the popularity or need for top marijuana domains for both recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. Investors large and small are making and investing deals to gain in this fast-emerging hot growth industry that is projected by many analysts to be a budding multi-billion dollar market. And, many smaller investors are speculating from the cannabis domain name aftermarket see here The cannabis market for aftermarket domain names entails not only recreational and medical marijuana but also hemp, the favorite infusion CBD oil, and a lesser-known cannabinoid named CBG, or cannabigerol. CBG is seen by some in the sector as the potential next big thing concerning the health aspects of cannabis and hemp. Some industry participants even indicate that CBG could possibly conjure the best CBD petroleum in the health arena. A case in point and this is an exceptional example unlikely to be reproduced, is your domain A New York Times story in October of 2010 suggested that this domain name sold for over one million dollars in 2004. The NY Times report said the owner of the domain turned down several offers for more than $2 million in the years after their purchase. That’s, of course, an extreme example in marijuana domains, and speculators are unlikely to see expect that cost level for aftermarket domain names in the marijuana space anytime soon. But, the significance of keyword-rich, generic domains can be crucial since many new business will rely on organic search to assist their promotional and retailing efforts. Especially as the majority of the biggest retail outlets, like Amazon and Whole Foods, and other advertising platforms such as the majority of the main search engines currently don’t allow advertising for marijuana or CBD. Consumers have to be diligent when buying. As an example, CBD oil on Amazon isn’t permitted but there are loads of very expensive hemp oils available they could look like CBD products but are, actually, just hemp seed oils containing little if any CBD.

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Domamba Support

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Submit Your Cannabis/Marijuana Domain Names For Auction At Domamba

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