Unstoppable Domains: Are These Domains REALLY Unstoppable?

Decentralized domains can be controlled by only the owner, unlike traditional web domains. They are also not subject to price increases or renewal fees. Decentralized domains do not have a central authority, so they are not vulnerable to phishing scams, privacy breaches, or arbitrary take-downs.

Unstoppable Domains

Matthew Gould CEO of Unstoppable Domains stated that data breaches are commonplace and privacy and ownership over digital assets are paramount. However, many forward-thinking individuals and companies have called into question central control. “This system is new. This system puts control back in the user’s hands.

As Bitcoin continues to rise above $30k, more businesses are seeing this as a sign that blockchain technology will be around for the long-term and is likely to become mainstream. According to a Deloitte survey, 86% of senior executives think blockchain technology will become mainstream.


Blockchain domains are rapidly gaining popularity and could revolutionize the internet. The only way to access the decentralized internet via.crypto domains used to be via a browser plug in. This new integration uses DNS over HTTPS to increase accessibility to blockchain domains. Any browser can now view blockchain domains the same way that traditional domains are worldwide.

See the video below on 99 coin guy, very quick to explain how great unstoppable domains, the .crypto is. He DOES neglect to mention that at any time, ICANN could authorize or go ahead and activate the .crypto GTLD officially.. hence a problem?

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable domains has nearly half a million domain registrations.

Unstoppable Domains Work

UD offer users.crypto domains which are entirely owned and managed by the user. The domain name is purchased once, and the user never has to pay hosting fees or manage their domain. Unstoppable domains also allow crypto wallet owners to send and receive cryptocurrency payments from their dot crypto domains. To send or receive payment, users no longer have to remember long, error-prone alphanumeric addresses. Someone simply needs to have access to your blockchain domain in order for you to receive payment.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains, a San Francisco-based company that builds domains on blockchains, is located in San Francisco. Draper Associates and Boost VC have backed the company, and grants were awarded by the Ethereum Foundation.

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