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Domain Auctions

Domain Auctions

Experience The Excitement Of Domain Name Acquisitions And Sales,
On A Full Serve Platform That Caters To Buyers & Sellers!

Exciting Live Auctions

Clubhouse Auctions Are A Great Way To Buy And Sell Digital Real Estate in Real Time!

Trusted Buyer & Seller Platform

We Go Our Of Our Way To Ensure A Very Fair Environment For Buyers and Sellers!

60% Of Live Domains SELL!

We Boast The Highest Sales % By Far. If You Want To Sell Your Domain, You Are At The Right Place!

Join Clubhouse & Hear The Action Live

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Domain Auctions- 19

The Mambas Are Here....

NFT's With Financial Investing 'Utility'

Domamba Updates

Domamba General Domain Auctions:​

- Sundays @ 7pm EST
-Tuesdays @ 7pm EST
- Fridays @ 7pm EST

Recently Sold Names:​

Domains For Sale:

Here are now featuring new domains for sale fresh off the Domamba live list and archives!

Domain Auctions Host Mike Wing
Your Host....Michael Wing

How Our Auctions Work:

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Register Here  then proceed to check  your email (within a minute or 2). If nothing shows up, please check your spam or junk mail box in case it got filtered.

Once logged in, you will see a menu showing you a link to Submit Your Domain(s). Click it, and enter ALL the information asked for the listing, and please be sure to NOT submit any domains that have less then 60 days left on the registry.

If your domain name sells, you will be able to retrieve the BUYER email, phone number and name in your Submitted Domains Link, from the menu (within minutes from the sale).

Once logged in to the buyer and seller area, you will see your BID # located in many places in the menu and sidebars. Please use this number when bidding, this help keep a good flow, and allows us to enter the buyer and seller info quick and efficiently, so should you have a winning bid on a Domain Name, you will get the seller’s information pretty much immediately.

Premium Name Submit?

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What Our Platform Users Have To Say!

We've used the platform MANY times and have had great success, selling over 70% of the names we have gotten the guys at Domamba To Call!
Domain Auctions- 20
I love buying on Domamba! This has been a great opportunity for my team to get developing on sites that start from a great domain! We've flipped 4 domains already (within a month) with names bought on Domamba.
Domain Auctions- 20
Perth, AUS
MIke has a level of energy not heard on any other platform. There is a lot of things going on in the backend that helps keep things organized for sellers. Always a great time at Domamba, the pace and speed is awesome.
Domain Auctions- 20
Bruce B
Toronto, CA
I don't do the DROPS or the expired and deleted lists anywhere near as often as I used to.
Domain Auctions- 20
James R
Connecticut, USA
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